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Designing a 3D ice tray for a large donut chain

The Problem

One of the largest donut chains in the U.S. was using 100 lb-capacity Cambro ICS100L191 SlidingLid™ Ice Caddy mobile ice machines with slant-top slides in its restaurants. However, these units weren’t designed with the means to drain the water from melted ice. Instead, it simply pooled at the bottom of the machine.

When operators scooped ice for a customer, they were also adding excess water to their drink. This affected the taste and consistency of the product, leading to a poor customer experience.

The solution

Our engineers designed a perforated 3D tray that sits neatly at the bottom of the client’s ice machines. When the ice begins to melt, gravity causes the water to drain down through the tray. This keeps the water and ice separate.

Operators can now serve a full scoop of drained ice, leaving the water behind. That means customers’ iced coffees and soft drinks are no longer watered down.

With the tray lining at the bottom of the ice maker, no human skill or extra work is required to pour a drink free from excess water. So every cup is high-quality, tasty and totally repeatable.

As a result, customers can enjoy a positive experience that encourages them to return to the chain’s restaurants and recommend them to their friends. This contributes to higher sales and a much stronger brand.

The Result

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