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How Free State Innovations started

When COVID-19 changed the world, our parent company, Lenexa Manufacturing, realized they could support and strengthen local businesses by designing and manufacturing COVID-safe workspace solutions, such as plexiglass dividers and no-touch door openers.

As a manufacturing company making equipment for bakeries, Lenexa Manufacturing has the core capabilities needed to quickly, safely, and cost-effectively create customized solutions for a range of businesses.

A new company with an experienced team

That experience made us realize how good we are at what we do! So we’re continuing our work as Free State Innovations, using our end-to-end expertise in custom design, engineering, CNC tooling, AWI welding, installations, and more to provide businesses with solutions that are custom-designed to your factory and aesthetic.


We provide design, engineering, and manufacturing all from one place, ensuring you get a solution that’s custom designed to your needs.

CNC Tooling


AWI Welding

Custom Design

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