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Designing an automatic blender for Long John Silver’s

The Problem

National restaurant chain Long John Silver’s supports over 600 outlets across the US. One of the most important items in their kitchens is their automatic batter blender, which allows them to mix their batter with no manual intervention.

But when their regular supplier became unavailable, Long John Silver’s could no longer replace their blenders. So they needed a new creative design to continue producing the same great taste.

The solution

When Long John Silver’s came to Free State Innovations (FSI), we started by analyzing their existing blender design for areas to improve. We listened closely to their feedback and used this to design a new blender with safety, performance, and cost in mind. This blender was then modeled in the SolidWorks 3D CAD software, which went on to receive high praise from our client.

Next, we directed them to a trusted product design firm to carry out manufacturing. The firm’s role was to further refine the design of the electronics and work with a contract manufacturer to produce 400 new blender units. However, Steve Bastasch, the owner of FSI, stayed on as chief advisor to ensure the project was completed to a high standard.

The Result

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